Join Listiac on a trip around Europe!

To celebrate the Erasmus Days, the Listiac project is hosting a blog relay race: one partner at a time will share their experiences of working towards linguistically sensitive teacher education in Europe. The journey starts in Vaasa, Finland and moves south all the way to Algarve, Portugal before it ends in Jyväskylä, Finland. 

A new blog post will be published every Thursday starting 15 October 2020. You are welcome to join Listiac on our trip around Europe!

Published Blog Posts

The developing story of a linguistically sensitive pathway in teacher education

The recent curriculum for Finnish basic education highlights linguistically sensitive teaching (LST) as a critical part of education, yet to-date LST has only been part of teacher education for selected groups. As part of Listiac at the University of Jyväskylä, we have worked to integrate and extend LST across the class teacher education curriculum to create a pathway from the 1st year of studies to the final teaching practice.

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Outside languages for classroom learning

Linguistic diversity is a reality in almost all our contexts and hierarchy and power relations between languages is a fact. Inside schools, this hierarchy is officially assumed as there is a language (or a variety) of schooling and languages and varieties often ignored or avoided.

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Plurilingual classes at a museum: a pilot multidimensional experience

Throughout this educational project piloted by two primary and secondary school teachers, a group of plurilingual pupils carried out learning activities that culminated in a guided tour at the Paul Valéry Museum in the city of Sète, France, where the pupils played the role of plurilingual museum guides for their classmates, parents, teachers, artists and media.

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Towards the Tower of Power

In 2018 some channels of informal communication from the Lithuanian Ministry of Education, Science and Sports suggested that plurilingualism will never be a priority in Lithuanian general education. Thus, it came as no surprise to the Lithuanian Listiac team to see how little linguistically sensitive teaching has been known, considered or discussed by any of the parties in education, from teachers to policy makers, let alone attempted to be implemented in practice. In contrast, the reality of the past few years has proved the growing need of LST in facing the emerging changes in linguistic diversity in the Lithuanian schools.

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