Linguistically Sensitive Teaching at the heart of LHUMAIN

Based at the University Paul Valéry Montpellier III, the Listiac research team in France is part of the research unit LHUMAIN (Langages, Humanités, Média-tions, Apprentissages, Interactions, Numérique / Languages, Humanities, Mediations, Learning and teaching, Interaction, Digital), which is interested in Les Humanités, the scientific field of languages, especially from an interactional and educational point of view.

Members of the research unit LHUMAIN have been involved in several international projects related to linguistically sensitive teaching for many years. Prof. Nathalie Auger, Full Professor in second language acquisition, has participated in different ECML projects (CONBAT+, MALEDIVE) on teaching in multilingual contexts and in several Erasmus+ projects (ROMTELS). She is currently responsible for the SIRIUS Education and migration network for France. She also works closely with Canada (SSHRC grant for migrant pupils and literature 2016-2019, BINOGI 2020). 

Under the lead of Prof. Nathalie Auger, the French Listiac team gathers Dr. Jérémi Sauvage, researcher expert in language acquisition and didactics, Dr. Nathalie Pépiot, researcher in plurilingual pedagogies on the project and MA. Chloé Sauvestre, field researcher on the project. Their research is dedicated to allophone students’ success at school and at university. Their diverse professional background completes and harmonises its action and research in the direction of LST. 

From an institutional network perspective, the Listiac team in Montpellier has the support of the Academy Rectorate, inspectors, educators and teachers involved in LST. A growing network combining the Listiac project and the Mastery of language Program as success levers to all students, from Pre-School to High School, favouring working on school language and adopting a positive vision of the plurilingual resources of the students.

Visit the French Listiac webpage here:

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