The DREAM team

Apart from the Listiac partnership being one big dream team, did you know that the true DREAM team is part of the project? The Donostia Research Group on Education and Multilingualism (DREAM) is based at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) in Donostia San-Sebastián, Basque Country, and is internationally renowned for its publications and presentations at conferences.

The DREAM group carries out research projects on various aspects of multilingualism in educational settings and focuses on the study of linguistic and communicative competence in the languages used in the school curriculum. The group has an interdisciplinary character, with experts in multilingual education, content-based/CLIL instruction, minority languages, teachers’ language beliefs, multilingualism in the workplace, linguistic landscapes, multiculturalism, statistics and evaluation of education.

Over the years, the DREAM group has participated in European projects dealing with different aspects of multilingual education. The Listiac project offers a great opportunity for the DREAM group to contribute to the further development of theoretical ideas and practices of linguistic sensitive teaching at international and local levels.

Listiac members of the DREAM group include Dr. Jasone Cenoz, Dr. Durk Gorter, Dr. Karin van der Worp and pre-doctoral student Uxue Diez-Guiral. DREAM member Uxue Diez-Guiral is part of the Listiac research group and is involved in the investigative work.

As part of the Listiac project, various local actions have already been undertaken. These include a presentation for visiting PhD students and two meetings with members of Listiac team at the University of Barcelona, because they share the same wider education context. Further mention can be made of the presentation of a Listiac poster at the SEDLL conference in Bilbao (November 2019), a seminar with Canadian multilingual experts (December 2019) and a workshop for master students from the European Master on Multilingualism and Education (EMME) (December 2019).

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