Ready to take off! – The Listiac Research Team

The Listiac research team is composed by five energetic and hard-working people belonging to quite distinct contexts and realities: Mari Bergroth (Finland), Sven Sierens (Belgium), Uxue Díez-Guiral (Basque Country), Julia Llompart (Catalonia) and Nathalie Pepiot (France).

Every Thursday, the researchers (and the occasional cat) meet via Zoom (a skype-like platform) for at least an hour to discuss the latest issues and work on meeting the project’s needs. Lately, the design of the research instruments has been the main priority, as the field trials will begin in early 2020. The team has had numerous virtual coffees and has bravely embraced the reflection on the specifics of action research. 

By now, the team has designed all instruments for the reflection toolkit, which are being thoroughly discussed. So far, the survey is ready to be used and has been shared with all the project partners. Likewise, the student group discussion protocols are being piloted at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the observation protocol is being tested at Åbo Akademi University. The researchers are enthusiastic about their outcome – it feels like Christmas in the research team already!

Other exciting and thrilling things are being cooked in their online kitchens as well. The very first Listiac article is on its way. It will be a starting point for the contextualisation of the whole project. The research team was also present in the last cluster meeting in Brussels, where their work was applauded. 

Listiac is lucky to have such an active and dynamic research team that is passionate about bringing changes to the educational community. On December 9, the whole partnership will meet in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where the instruments will be presented and discussed as part of the training symposium to prepare all partners for the field trials. Exciting times ahead!

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